Reviews Index

A list of everything reviewed or more generally “written about” here. For the most part, movies are listed under directors, with some exceptions. Television is listed under network.

Arbery, Will

Barker, Elspeth
O, Caledonia!

Basinger, Jeanine
The Star Machine
Silent Stars

Beach, Natalie
Adult Drama

Biller, Anna
Bluebeard’s Castle

Blatty, William Peter
The Exorcist III

Briggs, Kate
This Little Life

Catton, Eleanor
The Rehearsal

Clair, René
I Married A Witch

Clark, Eliza

Cline, Emma
The Guest

Coppola, Sofia

Crowe, Cameron
Almost Famous

Cukor, George

Dale, Celia
A Helping Hand

Dieterle, William
Jewel Robbery

Ditlevsen, Tove
The Copenhagen Trilogy

Edghill, Rosemary
Bell, Book, and Murder

Fennell, Emerald
Promising Young Woman

Fraser, Kennedy
Ornament and Silence

Galchen, Rivka
“How I Became A Vet”

Garnett, Tay
One Way Passage

Gasda, Matthew
Dimes Square

Gavin, Liam
A Dark Song

Gerwig, Greta

Glass, Rose
Saint Maud

Gregory, Stephen
The Woodwitch

Haneke, Michael
The Piano Teacher

Harpman, Jacqueline
I Who Have Never Known Man

Harvey, Herk
Carnival of Souls

Julia (TV)

Higashino, Keigo

The “Detective Galileo” mystery novels

Hitchcock, Alfred
Rear Window

Howard, Elizabeth
Mr. Wrong

Itō, Shunya
Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion


James, P.D.
Innocent Blood

Jireš, Jaromil
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Kanai, Mieko
Mild Vertigo

Gag Order

Kirino, Natsuo

Kon, Satoshi
Perfect Blue
“(but I'm only looking at you)”

Lewton, Val
Cat People

Lubitsch, Ernst
The romance of the grift

McKee, Bonnie
“What makes somebody a star?”

Mendes, Lothar
Ladies’ Man

Lady Murasaki Shikibu
Tale of Genji

O’Connell, Mark
A Thread of Violence

Östlund, Ruben
Force Majeure

Payne, Alexander

Studio Ghibli
Princess Mononoke

Rendell, Ruth
The House of Stairs

Rohmer, Eric
The Green Ray

Rooney, Sally
Beautiful World, Where Are You?

Rush, Norman

Spjut, Stefan
The Shapeshifters

Swift, Taylor
everything’s there under the tag

Tolkin, Michael
The Rapture

del Toro, Guillermo
Crimson Peak

Tuttle, Lisa
My Death
Riding the Nightmare

Whale, James
The Old Dark House

Williams, Katie
My Murder

Zerán, Alia Trabucco
When Women Kill